Next-Generation Classrooms Need Next-Generation Firewalls

Digital learning has transformed K-12 education. Today’s classrooms require significant amounts of bandwidth to support education applications, online assessments and virtual and blended learning.  Schools must be able to offer a wider array of digital education offerings while, at the same time, protecting their network, student records and other district information. To support these dual goals, school districts need more control over the applications and traffic on their networks. The

US Ignite Fostering New Apps through Test Beds of Creative Technology

In today’s podcast interview, US Ignite’s Dr. Glenn Ricart, founder and chief technology officer, and Bill Wallace, executive director, talk about the non-profit organization, the milestones it has reached, how they define next-generation networks and how they are working with communities across America to encourage developer involvement and innovation. In previous posts, we have heard from Juniper Networks’ Mike Marcellin, senior vice president of Product Marketing, who is on the

Newark Public Schools CIO Shares Insights on Disaster Recovery

Children across the country have headed back to schools that are ready and waiting for them. They have no idea all that it takes to prepare those schools for their arrival. While students are enjoying the summer, school districts never stop working, particularly when it comes to technology infrastructure. From applications students use in the classroom to payroll systems for school staff to collaboration platforms to keep parents informed, administering

Find out how to Create a Best-in-Breed Open Digital K12 Learning Network

Digital learning models are the norm in K12 education across the United States. From digital content and cloud‐based education applications to online assessment and BYOD initiatives, creating a solid, stable, scalable and secure network to support them can be a challenge. In fact, IT leaders in many K12 school districts find that legacy network infrastructure cannot easily scale and that their classroom Wi-Fi capabilities are overwhelmed or non-existent. Find out

New E-Rate Rules to Bring Schools into 21st Century, Close W-Fi Gap

The new school year is upon us, and K-12 institutions across the country have been opening their doors to students who are – hopefully – ready and eager to learn. While these students were enjoying their summers, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was paving the way for schools to expand the resources that will help these students enjoy a richer and more engaging educational experience. The FCC’s recently adopted its

US Ignite Working across America to Connect Everything, Empower Everyone

In today’s podcast interview, Mike Marcellin, senior vice president of Product Marketing for Juniper Networks, talks more about why he got involved with US Ignite and why he is passionate about its mission to foster the build out of high-speed GB broadband across the country and activate a developer community that will create transformative applications to leverage that high-speed broadband. Marcellin, sees a strong connection between Juniper Networks’ founder Pradeep

US Ignite – Connecting Everything, Empowering Everyone with High-Speed Broadband Across the United States

High-speed, ubiquitous Internet helps most of the U.S. population do everything from watch movies and listen to books to manage finances and get an education. And, they expect to be able to access it anytime, anywhere from laptops, phones, or tablets. Today’s Internet is helping to connect and empower us in ways we couldn’t have imagined 30 years ago. However, some people don’t have access to the same high-speed, ubiquitous

Next Generation Firewall Help Control Your Network and Protect Assets

The traditional firewall got a boost a few years ago with the advent of the next-generation firewall (NGF). Now NGF technology is through another evolutionary advance and becoming more dynamic and intelligent. In fact, Gartner estimates that 70 percent of firewall purchases in 2014 will be NGF. Recently, Deena Thomchick, security evangelist for Juniper Networks, talked about how NGFs can help organizations defend their assets while managing resources in today’s

Achieving Lower Costs for Campus and Branch Operations with SDN/NFV and the Hybrid Cloud

School systems are distributed — people, places, information, devices, etc., are not neatly confined in a single place, a single data center or even a single infrastructure.  This distributed infrastructure poses challenges for architecture design because so many endpoints need to be managed. To help, network functions virtualization (NFV) is a practical use of software-defined networking (SDN) to simplify complex systems and can be used to lower operational costs while

NJ School System offers Valuable Tips for Protecting School Data During Natural Disasters

It seems like a week doesn’t pass without another natural disaster occurring somewhere in the United States.  This summer has included a hurricane on the East Coast, tornadoes in the Midwest and a very unseasonable polar vortex similar to the one that helped create the harsh winter we recently experienced. These natural disasters affect schools systems in myriad ways, from keeping up with curriculum when students can’t make it to