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US Ignite Working across America to Connect Everything, Empower Everyone

In today’s podcast interview, Mike Marcellin, senior vice president of Product Marketing for Juniper Networks, talks more about why he got involved with US Ignite and why he is passionate about its mission to foster the build out of high-speed GB broadband across the country and activate a developer community that will create transformative applications to leverage that high-speed broadband. Marcellin, sees a strong connection between Juniper Networks’ founder Pradeep

Video: Tom Kupiec of SMS Discusses Continuous Monitoring

In a recent article on The Modern Network, we discussed how the increased complexity of today’s networks and constantly evolving threat landscape has made it essential that federal IT administrators constantly monitor their networks and security statures to ensure that vulnerabilities are identified and eliminated before they can be exploited. This need for continuous monitoring has only increased as IT services and capabilities have become increasingly mission-critical, and as the

Russian credential thieves and BadUSB – a look at Black Hat 2014

Last week, IT decision makers from private enterprises and government agencies converged on Las Vegas with the leading security experts and vendors for Black Hat 2014 – one of the nation’s leading information security conferences. This year’s event was a hotbed of activity and major news announcements. In addition to new technologies being on display, significant vulnerabilities were identified, announced and discussed among the country’s top security minds. To get

US Ignite – Connecting Everything, Empowering Everyone with High-Speed Broadband Across the United States

High-speed, ubiquitous Internet helps most of the U.S. population do everything from watch movies and listen to books to manage finances and get an education. And, they expect to be able to access it anytime, anywhere from laptops, phones, or tablets. Today’s Internet is helping to connect and empower us in ways we couldn’t have imagined 30 years ago. However, some people don’t have access to the same high-speed, ubiquitous

New Research Shows a Significant Increase in Plans to Adopt Software-Defined Networking Among Government Agencies

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) remains a hot technology topic as organizations look to modernize their networks in the face of more mobile and high-bandwidth content. While still relatively new, organizations using SDN are seeing its real benefits—more flexible and efficient networks that are capable of handling increased technology demands without increasing CAPEX and OPEX costs. Last year we commissioned a study to understand government IT decision makers (ITDMs) thoughts about SDN.

Building Low Cost, Highly Resilient Federal Networks with SDN

Whether they’re enabling the file and data sharing that intelligence and defense agencies need to protect our nation, or the video collaboration solutions connecting teleworking coworkers at civilian agencies, network infrastructures are now mission critical across every federal agency, department and branch of the military. This reliance on networks and IT services is why government IT decision makers are so focused on building resilient, predictable networks. And the current economic

Next Generation Firewall Help Control Your Network and Protect Assets

The traditional firewall got a boost a few years ago with the advent of the next-generation firewall (NGF). Now NGF technology is through another evolutionary advance and becoming more dynamic and intelligent. In fact, Gartner estimates that 70 percent of firewall purchases in 2014 will be NGF. Recently, Deena Thomchick, security evangelist for Juniper Networks, talked about how NGFs can help organizations defend their assets while managing resources in today’s