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Weekly News Round-Up: Talent gaps, open positions in federal cyber security pose a threat

The federal government’s ability to defend against cyber-attacks depends on the right technology and people who know how to manage it. As federal CHCO’s continue to develop and submit job codes for future cyber security roles, Federal CIO Tony Scott reveals that there are already more than 10,000 estimated openings for cyber professionals in the federal government. FEDERAL CIO: MORE THAN 10,000 OPENINGS FOR CYBER PROS IN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT

Weekly News Round-Up: DHS and DISA speakers see the connection between cybersecurity and counterterrorism

A threat to a .gov or .mil domain could be a precursor to broader conflict. At this year’s CyberCon, federal leaders highlighted cybersecurity priorities and initiatives designed to deliver tangible improvements. At the same time, speakers noted that, in addition to investments in protecting and detecting, agencies need to improve their ability to recover from cyber attacks. 4 ways DHS is being ‘aggressive’ on cybersecurity Cybersecurity is a top priority

PODCAST – Mission assurance and cybersecurity focus of 2015 AFCEA Alamo Ace Conference

Each year, AFCEA sponsors an event called the Alamo Ace Conference. Held in San Antonio, this event brings together senior military decision makers with top industry leaders to discuss the technology challenges facing the United Stated Armed Forces and how they can work together to overcome them. With many high profile security breaches impacting the federal government this year – including the one that affected the Office of Personnel Management

Weekly News Round-Up: Number of Federal Data Centers Continues to Increase; DISA Director Lynn Recommends More Software-Defined Networks

Federal agencies directed to reduce the number of data centers under FITARA, the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act, have actually done the opposite: there are 2,000 more data centers in 2015 than there were in 2014. While the fiscal conversation continues, DISA focuses on performance, recommending increased use of software-defined networks to rapid response to threats. 11,700 and counting … data centers back on the chopping block The Government

Weekly News Round-Up: OPM Hires Cyber Adviser, DoD CIO Touts ‘Cyber Discipline’ in Moves to improve Cybersecurity

Federal agencies are looking to skilled tech talent and leadership to address the infrastructure and cultural discipline required to build and maintain more effective cybersecurity measures. This week, OPM brought on a new cyber adviser with extensive private sector experience, and Terry Halverson, CIO for the Department of Defense, cited culture as a critical defense against hackers.  Army vet, IT expert joins OPM as cyber adviser The revelation that the

The challenge of connecting consolidated datacenters

In a previous series of articles on the Modern Network, Juniper’s Bill Lemons, looked at the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) five years after it was introduced. In his articles, he looked at where agencies were in the process of consolidating their data centers, why they haven’t all completed the consolidation of their data centers, and the challenges that they have faced – and continue to face – in

Weekly News Round-Up: Federal Agencies Must Build an Effective Cybersecurity Workforce to Manage Technology

Successful cybersecurity programs rely on people as much as technology. In order to effectively select, implement and maintain security solutions, federal agencies will need to build a culture of cyber discipline, cultivate and attract new talent, and address low morale in the current cybersecurity workforce. DoD to infuse workforce with cyber discipline The Defense Department’s biggest challenge around cybersecurity has nothing to do with technology.  Terry Halvorsen, the DoD chief