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Cybersecurity and the Insider Threat: A Conversation with Prem Jadhwani

Cybersecurity continues to be a major priority for federal agencies nationwide. Federal networks are being hit by attacks from both outside and inside their networks, with insider threats rising steadily in recent years. In fact, according to Vormetric’s 2015 Insider Threat Report, 93 percent of IT professionals strongly believe that their companies are at risk from insider threats, with 59 percent of responders worried about privileged users, or employees with

Weekly News Round-Up: Obstacles to Progress

Today’s federal IT decision makers have to balance reduced budgets with the need to embrace federal mandates and overcome significant IT challenges. Some of these challenges include: consolidating datacenters, moving to the cloud, upgrading networks, securing sensitive data, and working to meet demands for increased mobility within the agency. Below is a collection of federally-focused articles that show how federal IT leaders are dealing with change. While certainly on the

PODCAST: The simplicity of the software defined network

As evidenced by the federal government’s “Cloud First policy,” cloud computing is widely regarded as the future of federal IT. Capable of drastically expediting the provisioning of new IT resources and applications, enabling the consolidation of datacenters and making the government more agile, flexible and mobile, federal agencies are being encouraged to look to the cloud before purchasing and implementing new hardware. However, there are still questions about the cloud

Weekly News Round-Up: Building an SDN Strategy

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) remains an important point of discussion in both the private and public sectors. SDN can increase efficiency, automation, and decrease downtime while simultaneously making networks more secure. Below is a collection of SDN-focused articles that shows how federal IT leaders are embracing SDN across the government, and offers some tips for those looking to build their SDN strategy: New Global CIO Survey Finds Legacy Networks Are Top

Juniper Network’s Brian Roach Talks SDN

In a recent post on The Modern Network, we discussed the findings of a new study conducted by Juniper Networks in association with MeriTalk and General Dynamics IT entitled, “Dawn of SDN Government.” The study incorporated responses from 128 federal IT decision makers about their IT environments, consolidation efforts and commitment to SDN. Earlier this week, Brian Roach, the VP of Federal for Juniper, sat down with FedTech managing editor,

PODCAST – Secure science DMZs and security take center stage at 2015 NLIT Summit

Each year, IT decision makers, system administrators and other technology leaders from the Department of Energy’s National Laboratories come together with IT solution and service providers for the annual NLIT Summit. This conference is an opportunity to discuss the unique challenges impacting the Department of Energy and the National Labs, new technologies that can help the labs accomplish their mission, and IT best practices. To get an inside perspective on

PODCAST: Next generation firewalls enable information sharing across government

In our last Modern Network Radio podcast, we sat down with Juniper’s Director of Federal Systems Engineering, Bill Lemons, to discuss the new line of routing and switching solutions that Juniper announced at its annual Innovation Showcase. The announcement of these new routing and switching solutions was accompanied by another exciting announcement from the company – advancements and improvements to their physical and virtual firewalls. These advancements deliver increased security